Sandiego Inc. now available

Sandiego Inc. now available

Now available Sandiego Inc. for iOS and Android on App Store and Google Play for free.

Join Sandiego Inc., the most prestigious investigations company on the planet,
in search of the most dangerous criminals wanted all over the world.

Look for clues in the most recognized cities of the globe to approach the suspect’s hiding place.
Catch all the criminals you can and make yourself a name in the company.

Good luck, Agent. We count on you.

Signed, The Boss.

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4 Responses

  1. Scott Serino says:

    I love this game and was happy to have an easy and portable means to play Carmen without having to use an emulator on a stationary machine. The timing was perfect too, because I had been thinking of how much I missed the game recently and was happy to see that this game had come out just about the time I started thinking about it.

    I hope the game can be updated with more cases, locations, and suspects over time. With the advent of mobile updates, this game can constantly be expanded upon rather than being stuck with the finite releases of the past. Aside for some grammatical errors this game is near perfect. Thanks a lot!

  2. John Seever says:

    I remember playing this game while in middle school and the cartoon. I love the app, and think that it would be a blast if submissions could be added.

    Even if Carmen was one of the bad guys. Keep it up.

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